Saturday, May 16, 2015

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explores the glaring omissions and failures of 'Dog Bite Prevention Week'
Professional dog trainer Liz Marzen, with 30 years experience working in humane societies and animal rescues, even working with the Micheal Vick dogs, explains why pitbulls need more restrictions, not fewer.
This in and of itself is a great form of 'from around the web'
What will work, and what won't?  With bully breeds, is there any defense?  You'd be surprised at what is most effective... against these nearly unstoppable canine gladiators.

This one really hits home.  The pitbull issue had become a bone of contention betwixt myself and a family member.  Fortunately, the pitbull in her home was gone by the time baby came.  Baby Brayden and my new little niece are nearly exactly the same age.  This could've been the same story with different characters...  Sadly, many aspects of this story echo the tragic decapitation of two-year-old Beau Rutledge...
An innocent 79 year old man does his landlord a favor and goes to feed his cats... when a tenant's pitbulls scale a 6 foot fence and do the unthinkable.  Witness recall is bone chilling: "Cause the dogs absolutely chewed his left hand plum off. He lost six pints of his blood. And his face was tore off. His eye was hanging out. I mean I have never seen nothing like that."
Exactly what it says.  This one has nutters in an uproar, petitioning to have author and lawyer Thomas J. Beasley disbarred for his brilliantly factual and mild tome.

The title says it all.

Former fan and now grief stricken mother implores Pitbull and Parolees maven Tia Torres to enact a modicum of responsibility with her grossly irresponsible slop of a reality show.

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