Monday, December 29, 2014

Attacked Where They Slept

"It’s unknown how the dog got so close to the baby in the middle of the night."

It well may be found that the dog simply approached the baby wherever she was sleeping and inserted itself into the infant's space to maul her. If you read about infant maulings and fatalities, you will find multiple instances of pit bulls attacking a baby while he/she slept in their crib, on a bed, in a bassinet, in a baby swing, in a car seat, or even sleeping next to his/her parents.…

These are only a handful of such tragedies;

  • 11 day old Mya Maeda was mauled to death in her crib by the family's pitbull mix 
  • 9 day old Daniel Smith was mauled to death in his crib by the family's 9yo pitbull 
  • 15 day old Darius Tilman was mauled to death his crib 
  • 2 week Brian Lillis was sleeping in his car seat when the family pitbull mauled him to death 
  • A 5 day old girl was mauled to death in her bassinet by the family pit bull 
  • A 13 day old baby was killed in his baby swing by the family pitbull 
  • Newborn Thomas Carter Jr. was killed by the family pitbulls while sleeping next to his father 
  • 8 week old Iopeka Liptak was mauled to death by the 5yo family pitbull while sleeping on his mother's bed 
  • 3 month old Rayden Bruce was mauled to death by his father's pitbull while sleeping on his father's bed 

If you read about pit bull attacks in general, you will notice a disturbing pattern of just how stealthy silent these dogs can be. These dogs can be so quiet that a person need not be impaired or intoxicated in any way to miss the sounds of attack; and in the case of no doubt sleep-disturbed parents of a newborn, it can only be more so.…

It's possible there is some wrong doing on the part of the parents in this case (we just don't have enough information), but please, please, remember... the overwhelming common factor in pit bull attacks are not environment or stimuli, but the dogs themselves. Nutters love to say 'get educated'. I did, and the truth the led me here. 

Please do venture forth and form your opinion on this; but read ALL sides, and pay attention to the victims, not just the dogs. That is where you will be able to discern for yourself just what makes this breed dangerous; look for common factors, if any, compare and contrast the information from pro pit bull, victim/awareness advocacy, and verifiably neutral sites (the NCRC and ASPCA are not neutral) and think critically.