Sunday, December 7, 2014

One Breed, A Million Excuses.

One breed, a million excuses. At what point does one stop to consider, "hmmm, why does this particular breed require militant advocacy and excuse after excuse? Why does it require publicity and PR managers aggressively managing the 'breed image'?"

One of the wisest things I ever heard was from my father, "Never be with someone you have to make excuses for." The reason the issue is so complex is precisely because so many excuses have been disseminated so thoroughly they have been blindly accepted as fact.

If Myth Busters did a pitbull series they could easily run several seasons on it. Ridiculous. It's like the abusive psychopath who blames the rest of the world for his self-created problems... any and every excuse, no matter how wrong or ridiculous... to deflect blame...

I don't even know if I can list all the excuses, lies, deflections, and smokescreens used by pit bull (and other dangerous dog) 'advocacy'. In the coming weeks, I will attempt to provide information debunking every fallacious, empty 'talking point' issued by sociopaths eager to perpetuate the wide-scale suffering and death of animals, people, and even the very breed they claim to love.

The trash that needs to be taken out;
  • The media has it out for pitbulls. (over-reports, misreports, under-reports on 'other breed attacks', 'never posts good stories', etc.)
  • People misidentify pit bulls (crucial in insinuating the attack/kill counts by pit bulls is much smaller than issued). ...and the related;
  • Staffordshire terriers and pit bulls are totally different breeds.
  • Pit bull is not a breed.
  • Pit bulls are only dog aggressive.
  • Pit bulls are stable/safe/appropriate companion pets.
  • Pit bulls are great service dogs.
  • Pit bulls are loyal and protective.
  • Pit bulls were nanny dogs.
  • Pit bulls were bred as farm dogs (or for any purpose other than dog-fighting and blood-sport).
  • Pit bulls were once so popular they were 'America's Dog'.
  • Any/all dogs bite/kill.
  • Only abused/neglected/fight-trained/provoked/unsocialized/untrained pit bulls attack. (Notice a lot of the self-countering there? They must be trained to fight/they must be trained not to fight, etc.?) ...and the related;
  • It's the owners not the dogs.
  • Pit bulls are just like any other dog.
  • BSL kills innocent dogs.
  • BSL punishes good owners.
  • BSL doesn't work.
  • "Your breed is next./In the (insert decade here) it was the dobermans/rottweilers/German shepherds/(insert allegedly maligned breed here), now it's the pit bull..."
  • BSL supporters are nothing more than 'haters'.
  • is a bunch of lies made up by a pit bull hater.
  • Animal experts support (insert any of the above claims).